Working papers

Does the identity of leaders matter for education? Evidence from the first black governor in the US. (with Véronique Gille).

Income poverty has been halved in the developing world, even when accounting for relative poverty (with Benoit Decerf).

Part of the theoretical section of this paper previously circulated as “Evolution of Income Poverty Under Unequal Growth: Settling the Dispute Between Absolutists and Relativists.”

– Intra-household allocations with public goods: A new source of gender inequality.

Work in progress

– Cash Transfers and School Outcomes: Evidence from Administrative Data.

Publications (pre PhD)
– Teenage School Attendance and Cash Transfers. An Impact Evaluation of PANES. Economia, Journal of LACEA, Fall 2013, Vol. 14, No. 1 (with V. Amarante & A. Vigorito).